Full Circle is Allen Cates’ second book and first novel. The work is fiction and takes liberty with some issues, but centered on a familiar period. Allen spent almost eight years in Southeast Asia flying helicopters with the Marines and then Air America. Altogether, Allen flew a variety of airplanes and helicopters for two decades and has an even amount of flight time in both.

Full Circle is available on Amazon. You can contact Allen at setac@bellsouth.net  for comments and qustions. Allen's first book,

Honor Denied is nonfiction and describes his experiences with the Marines flying helicopters in Vietnam and with Air America operationing in Vietnam and Laos.
About the book

Full Circle is an odyssey about America's secret Air Force in Southeast Asia and the people who served there covertly and clandestinely.
All people, throughout their life spans, will make choices and decisions that will affect their lives until the day they die. Brian Vincent's parents and the south Louisiana environment made decisions for him, but Brian had a mind of his own, and the direction he wanted to go did not coincide. Brian studied military history and was enthralled by stories of those who championed the oppressed and prevailed against overwhelming odds. He wanted his chance to prove himself, and the war in Southeast Asia offered the opportunity. It was his choice, and he threw himself into the fray enthusiastically. With the smell of blood and cordite and the sight of friends dying, this was not the war he had imagined, and the realization that people and governments are not always altruistic created disillusionment. Now he had to save his soul, and that battle was the most difficult of all.